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Amrita Bazar Patrika, India
Pandit Shalil Shankar is a bit of an enigma in a world fraught with grim prospects for humanity. He is spiritualist with a difference in that his search for a unidying language of love and empathy has led him not to the abstruse scriptures, but to the music which he describes as the art of worship
Evening Telegraph
... Shalil Shankar second Symphony, a marvelous blend of two tradition .. it was breathtaking, leaving the audience mesmerised...
The Times India
Pandit Shalil Shankar, is one of the most expresive Masters Sitar players of the generation.. he commands an unbelievable melodic and technical quality
Buenos Aires Herald
... The Legendary Maestro Shalil Shankar, who has toured the world with his music, brakes down religious and political barriers with the universal language of music in order to create a spiritual bond between the two worlds...